Nova join Made In The Midlands

Made In The Midlands

Gaining additional exposure for Nova and pushing the UK Centre of Excellence for Engineering, Nova have recently joined the ‘Made In The Midlands’ business network.

With the Midlands being the birthplace of the industrial revolution and leading pioneers in advanced manufacturing, the central belt of the UK is home to around 32,000 engineering and manufacturing companies, with a total combined employ of around 600,000 people.

Nova are actively working with other members including Rolls Royce plc, Moog Aerospace and Jaguar Land Rover to actively enhance the reputation of the Midlands as the UK Centre of Excellence for innovative engineering and advanced manufacturing processes, protecting the future and leading to the long term prosperity of manufacturing in the Midlands.

Using Nova’s apprentice scheme amongst others, Made in the Midlands is getting young people excited about choosing a career within industry as their first choice.

For further details, see Nova’s profile and the Made In The Midlands website.