Nova Design have an in house Automotive tooling design team comprising of design engineers with many years of Automotive tooling design experience:

Working as 2nd tier OEM suppliers, Nova’s design engineers provide our clients with a mechanical design solution for projects containing a single robot cell through to a complete assembly process. With our wealth of knowledge and experience in automotive tool design we are able to support a fully project managed design contract working to industry standards and working practices.

The majority of our Automotive tooling design projects are completed using a mix of software comprising Catia, RobCAD, Process Simulate and FactoryCAD depending on individual project requirements.

Nova Design have extensive experience in designing and producing solutions for Automotive Body In White tooling, body framing systems, closure lines, sub assembly cells, manual and robotic welding lines, gluing and hemming processes and material handling systems.


Tecnomatix RobCAD software gives Nova’s design engineers the capabilities to design, simulate, analyse, optimise, and create off-line programming of multi-device robotic and automated manufacturing processes in the context of product and production resources. It provides a simultaneous engineering platform to optimise design and manufacture processes and calculate cycle times.

With RobCAD, Nova’s design engineers design lifelike, full action virtual mock-ups of complete manufacturing cells and systems. RobCAD enables manufacturers to flawlessly introduce automated processes by allowing manufacturing engineers to virtually validate automation concepts upfront.


Process Simulate is a digital manufacturing solution for manufacturing process verification in a 3D environment. Process Simulate is a major enabler of speed-to-market by allowing design and manufacturing organisations to virtually validate manufacturing concepts upfront and throughout the lifecycle of new product introductions. The ability to use the 3D mechanical CAD data of products and resources facilitates virtual validation, optimisation and commissioning of complex manufacturing processes, resulting in faster launch and higher production quality.

Increased complexity of products and manufacturing processes presents manufacturers with time to market and asset optimisation challenges. Design engineering and manufacturing teams are expected to deliver flawless product launches while adhering to cost, quality and production launch targets. To meet these challenges, leading design and manufacturer organisations need to utilise 3D models of product designs and manufacturing resources in order to virtually validate their manufacturing processes prior to the start of production.

Process Simulate provides the answer to these issues through the design and validation of manufacturing processes in a 3D dynamic environment. Nova Design chose to invest in Process Simulate enabling our design engineers to support a variety of robotic and automation processes allowing for simulation, programming and commissioning of complete production systems.

This investment by Nova enables increased speed to market for our clients by allowing us to validate manufacturing concepts virtually, early in the product development process and throughout the lifecycle of product introductions.


FactoryCAD is a facility layout application that gives Nova’s design engineers everything needed to create detailed, intelligent factory models.

With FactoryCAD, 3D models can be created faster than 2D drawings using conventional CAD. This enables engineers to create full 3D models of factories that provide much more information than 2D drawings, helping them discover potential layout problems early in the design process.

Since these layout models can then be utilised directly in visualisation, material flow, and discrete event simulation programs, offering further considerable time savings.

Instead of having to draw lines, arcs, and circles, FactoryCAD allows Nova’s design engineers to work with “smart objects” that represent virtually all the resources used in a factory, from floor and overhead conveyors, mezzanines and cranes to material handling containers and operators. With these objects, our design engineers “snap” together a layout model without wasting time drawing the equipment.

Overall, getting factories into production sooner with fewer last minute modifications provides significant financial benefits for automotive OEM’s and their respective supply chains.



Nova offers an experienced team of design engineers with a proven background in machine tool design. We have experience in the design and production of detail drawings for many machine tooling design projects.

These have included outsourced projects ranging from:

  • Production Tooling Design
  • Turbine Blade Tooling Design
  • Milling Fixture Design
  • Jig and Tool Design
  • Turning Fixture Design
  • Grinding Fixture Design
  • Inspection Fixture Design
  • Component Detailing
  • Welding Fixture Design
  • Machine Tool Design
  • Body In White Fixture Design
  • Multi Spindle Drill Heads
  • Cylinder Head and Engine Block Transfer Lines

With our range of CAD expertise, we are able to read native CAD data in both 3D solid and surface models as well as a number of CAD data exchange formats.

Nova also undertake projects on a “design and manufacture” basis. In these instances, Nova work very closely with our long standing manufacture partner – Formrite Precision Limited.

Established in 1959, and amongst other industry experience, Formrite have decades of experience in the “jig and tool” and high precision gauging engineering sectors. Working alongside Nova, supplying a wide range of engineering industries, jointly we have built a reputation for manufacturing excellence, coupled with realistic prices and achievable lead times.