Samples of Work in Progress …..

A sample of various projects that are currently being worked on within the Nova Design office.

The projects illustrate a variety of Engineering Sectors and different Computer Aided Design packages.

Steel Tube Handling Equipment.

The is a current material handling project utilising Powered Rollers to convey Square & Rectangular hollow sections within a steel tube processing plant. This project is a design and detail drafting requirement using Solidworks CAD system.

Automotive Handling / Tooling.

This is a current project for the automotive industry. Within the bodyshop there is a requirement to transfer bodies between Geo Pallets and Paint Skids. We are currently developing the transfer system with location tooling being indexed to accommodate different body variants. This project is being designed using Autodesk Inventor software.

Furnace Industry

We are currently involved with a number of projects for both 3D design and detail drafting of various furnace equipment for different clients. This particular client has asked for assistance in producing the 2d manufacturing detail drawing package. Our assistance has been requested in order to achieve the deadlines on project delivery.

Training Facilities

Using Autodesk Inventor we are working closely with our client to develop a number of Training Facility buildings using Autodesk Inventor the develop the 3D Design and 2d detailed manufacturing drawings.