Paying attention to client needs is the key to success in recruitment

Dan - 300Dan Tipper, Recruitment Executive at Nova Design, believes the key to being successful in recruitment is held in the relationships you build with your clients.

“Having spent many years in and around the recruitment industry, I have learnt several methods on how to please your clients and exceed their expectations. Solid, reliable recruitment and advertising tools will provide a solid base for you to build up your portfolio of high quality available candidates, but this would mean nothing without a positive, trusting relationship with your clients.”

“The first thing we do upon receipt of an enquiry for our recruitment services is to listen to and appreciate the client’s needs. A job description is always a great starting point, but it’s essential to learn as much as possible about the type of person they are looking for, an individual’s personality can often be as important as their skills and qualifications. Once all details are gathered, the recruitment team can then begin the search for suitable candidates.”

“As applications start coming in, the CV’s need to be assessed thoroughly to make sure they meet the minimum criteria of experience and qualifications required. Once they have been analysed, the crucial part of the recruitment process is to get to know the candidate. Ideally this should be done in person, however if this isn’t possible, some sort of telephone interview should be arranged. Meeting or speaking with your candidates allows you to gain an understanding of the type of person they are. Are they enthusiastic? Are their communication skills up to standard? Do they have a friendly manner? If you can answer these questions and more, you can add value to the candidates you are putting forward to your client. You need to judge whether their personality would fit into your clients set up, and if it would, you need to sell and emphasise this point as much as possible.”

“It is also beneficial to contact the candidate’s references, professional ones if possible. These will be people who have worked alongside the candidates, and will know better than anyone the type of person they are and the type of work that they produce. The more work we can do for our clients, the more value for money they will be getting.”

“In summary, the more you can find out about your candidates, the more your clients will appreciate your hard work and diligence. Even if it’s taking longer than expected to source a candidate, make sure you keep your client up to date at every stage of the process and they will be likely to appreciate your honesty. An agency that understands their clients needs thoroughly, are more likely to receive repeat enquiries, rather than an agency that just sends over any CV’s that come in, with no background research. Remember, your clients are paying for a recruitment service, not just a CV sourcing service.”

Nova Design have been placing engineering design and related staff in short term, long term and permanent positions across the UK since they were established in 1988.

For further details on the engineering design recruitment solution that Nova offer, please give Dan a call on 01384 405 975 or drop him a line