Nova unearth older CAD treasure

Older CAD Software

One of our design engineers was having a clear out of his garage at the weekend and came across a box of older draughting equipment – mechanical propelling pencils, scale rules etc

In an old, battered A4 envelope were these . . . . . .

Pafec Dogs install disks - Nova Design

Not only was Pafec Dogs one of the first widely available CAD systems, but there are actually 9 of the old 5.25″ floppy disks.

CAD Software installation media - Nova Design

We couldn’t see any markings on the actual disks but capacity wise they are either 180KB or 360KB each – giving a total capacity of between 1.6 and 3.2MB for a complete 2D CAD program. Looking at the Autodesk recommendations for Autocad 2016 (2D) the recommendation is for 6GB free disc space – how things have changed from older cad software to modern . . . . . .

3.2MB of CAD Installation media - Nova Design

Wonder if it could be installed under Windows 10 ???