Nova Design Takes Theme Park Thrills to New Heights with Steelwork Expertise

before and after of the new roxie minifigure, nova design steelwork detail design

World’s tallest Lego minifigure unveiled at Legoland Windsor Resort (

Here at NOVA, we are thrilled to announce our recent involvement in an exciting new project at a UK Theme Park! We collaborated with a top UK-based manufacturer and designer for the amusement park and theme park sectors, offering our steelwork detail design knowledge.

Standing at a record of 30ft tall and weighing over six tonnes. This theme park now have the worlds tallest Lego Minifigure in their park. Going by the name of ‘Roxie’, this figure will not only be seen from every angle in the park, but will also serve as a character that many will admire. 

So what was the process to create the worlds tallest lego minifigure? 

Accepting The Brief

With the structural calculations provided by the appointed structural consultants, who set the foundation, we then joined the project to help advance the design. The important duty of developing the fabrication manufacturing drawing package and the steelwork detail design fell to our team. 

This involved not only the primary steelwork construction but also the complex support structures for the head and arms. To ensure a unified and structurally sound finished product, we even expanded our knowledge to design and detail other body skin parts.

intial concept and concept steelwork for roxie lego minifigure project

Getting Started

The industry-leading Solidworks 3D CAD software was our go-to option to guarantee the project’s success. Using this robust toolkit, our engineers were able to produce intricate 3D models of the whole structure. Solidworks helped us visualise and fine-tune the design precisely, from the main support beams to the minute intricacies of the body skin. 

A comprehensive package of 2D manufacturing drawings for the steelwork construction was also made possible by Solidworks. With these meticulous designs, the fabrication team had precise directions to follow, guaranteeing that the finished product fulfilled all requirements and created the desired theme park atmosphere.

concept model and final design for roxie lego minifigure project

Finished Results

Here at NOVA. we’re committed to pushing the limits of engineering and design. The team are proud to have been a part of this project and help make an idea come to life. We hope that everyone who visits enjoys the new upcoming ride as well as witness Roxie in all her glory.

further final designs and fabrication drawings for roxie lego minifigure project