Digital Design Reviews

Due to the size and duration of the projects that we undertake in our engineering design office, design reviews are an increasingly important part of our mechanical engineering design process. Conducted either digitally or face to face, they allow us to provide our clients with regular updates before and throughout each design stage.

Design Reviews | Digital design reviews | online design reviewsCatering to a client base which now encompasses the whole of the UK together with current mechanical design projects from both Norway and Canada, digital design reviews are being used on a regular basis to ensure our clients are satisfied with the 3D models and CAD drawings that we are producing, before they are finalised.

Digital design reviews allow us to take away any of our client’s concerns during a project, by showing them exactly what is going on at short notice. We use collaborative tools such as WebEx and Skype to show our clients what is currently being worked on and what has been done so far, giving them several options if they’d like something done a particular way. We know that everyone is unique and has different preferences, therefore initial meetings and possibly additional design reviews are important to understand our client’s requirements. Due to the complexity of our work, digital design reviews are the most efficient way for our clients to highlight any changes or tweaks they may wish to make to a design.

We came to realise a long time ago that our clients often don’t have the time in their diary to meet face to face with us, and therefore introduced digital design reviews. This now allows us to clear up any concerns our clients may have in a matter of minutes, by allowing them to see things for themselves from the comfort of their own office on their own monitor. They have become particularly useful for the larger, more long-term projects that we carry out, allowing us to give our clients peace of mind in terms of meeting their deadlines with high quality, on time deliverables.

Digital design reviews are just one of the tools we use to keep our engineering design clients happy, in order to consistently supply them with CAD drawings and models of the highest quality.

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