ANSYS 14.5 downloaded and installed

We have recently upgraded our ANSYS software package to ANSYS 14.5, the newest release of the engineering simulation technology suite, designed to optimise product development processes. This ensures our FEA and engineering design team keep the latest tools at their disposal, in order to provide a reliable, high quality service.

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“ANSYS 14.5 provides a great number of new and advanced features that bolster product performance and integrity through deeper design insight. The many new features in ANSYS 14.5, combined with ANSYS Workbench, deliver additional physics depth and breadth that can be scaled to meet the changing needs of customers.

Built on a platform that accurately streamlines workflow among simulation applications, ANSYS 14.5 delivers critical multiphysics solutions, enhancements to pre-processing and meshing capabilities as well as a new parametric high performance computing (HPC) licensing model to make design exploration more scalable.”

As part of our in-house engineering design consultancy, we offer Finite Element Analysis as part of our design service. We use ANSYS DesignSpace to carry out our FEA work and it forms a crucial part of many of our client’s projects. In modern times we feel that the growing importance of FEA cannot be understated.

The importance behind FEA lies in its ability to perform tests on a concept before it is made real, reducing the time and cost needed to foster product innovations. This can save you thousands of pounds in design and manufacturing stages, by using FEA tests as the design stage progresses. ANSYS DesignSpace allows us to perform a number of real world simulations such as thermal, structural, weight optimisation and more.

The latest release from ANSYS supports our existing software packages which include AutoCAD, CATIA, Creo, Inventor, NX, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, 3ds Max Design and Vis Mockup. Our family of software allows us to produce the highest quality CAD drawings and provides us with state of the art visualisation tools.

ANSYS DesignSpace