It is the specific policy of Nova Design Limited to provide its engineering design services to an ISO 9001 quality assured system – the highest professional standard which will meet and exceed client requirements. In order to meet these requirements in a cost-effective manner the company will operate a quality assurance system certified and approved to BS ISO 9001:2015 – Dedicated to the “right first time” approach.

The Nova Design team is committed to total quality, and are BS EN ISO 9001:2015 approved with a scope of certification “The Provision of Engineering Design Services“.

At all times, we work in partnership with our clients. This ensures all parties are kept informed at every stage of the project and are actively involved so that the service delivered exceeds their expectations in every way. The company recognises that the objectives for quality cannot be achieved without the full cooperation and commitment of all employees, and will ensure that adequate resources are available to achieve this.



Nova Design Limited recognizes the need to pursue a course of environmental awareness by establishing a continuous improvement program in line with our established commitment to quality and safety.

We aim to promote environmental excellence through an Environmental Management System.

This shall be achieved by:

  • Continuous management commitment as we move towards environmental excellence
  • Purchasing goods, which can be manufactured, used and disposed, ensuring minimal negative impact on the environment.
  • Ensuring that pollution is prevented at source by controlling emissions to land, air and water.
  • Conforming to all current and future legal requirements.
  • Reusing, repairing and reducing our waste products before replacing them and recycling relevant materials.


Nova have a policy of introducing young talented people into our working environment. With our in house recruitment division always looking for exceptional talent, we engage at least 3 new ‘apprentices’ per year. We have been doing this for the past six years and intend to continue doing so for many years to come. In this way we can ensure the stability and growth of the company, ensuring a fully qualified workforce able to handle the day to day challenges of production requirements.


The company adopts a strict adherence to health and safety legislation with the safety and welfare of our workforce being paramount. We pride ourselves on a ‘zero accident’ record. Each of our employees is important to us therefore it is our duty as a company to ensure a safe and clean working environment.